Choosing The Best Management option for your AxeRoy Pre-built Integrations

AxeRoy Self-Managed  or  Axeroy Fully-Managed 

Every business has unique needs for managing data flow between systems. AxeRoy recognizes this and offers two flexible integration management options to ensure you get the control you desire. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or a fully supported solution, AxeRoy has you covered.

Read-on as we explain and compare the AxeRoy Management options.

AxeRoy Self-Managed Integrations, Ideal For Businesses

  • Seeking A User-Friendly Interface With No-Code Configuration: AxeRoy's self-managed integrations offer a no-code configuration interface, enabling users to set up and manage data connections without extensive coding knowledge. This makes it a suitable option for businesses looking for an easy-to-use solution.
  • With A Mix Of Technical And Non-technical Users: The intuitive interface empowers non-technical users to handle basic configurations, while the optional Python coding allows technical users to create custom transformations for deeper control.
  • Looking For Increased Agility and Flexibility: Self-managed integrations allow you to make changes to your integrations on your own schedule, without relying on external support. This is ideal for businesses with rapidly evolving needs or those who experiment frequently with different data flows.  
  • Requiring Improved Visibility and Control: With self-managed integrations, you have complete control over the configuration and can easily monitor the health and performance of your data connections. This transparency allows for proactive troubleshooting and ensures your integrations are aligned with your evolving business processes.
  • Expect Scalability for Growth: The self-managed solutions scale with your business needs. You can easily add new integrations or modify existing ones as your data landscape expands, empowering you to adapt your data flow to support future growth initiatives.

​AxeRoy Fully-Managed
Integrations, Ideal For Businesses

  • With Limited Internal IT Resources: Don't have the dedicated IT staff to manage and maintain integrations. AxeRoy's experts take care of everything, freeing up your internal team to focus on core business functions.
  • Focus on Strategic Initiatives: Need your IT team to concentrate on high-impact projects. AxeRoy's fully-managed service ensures your integrations run smoothly without requiring constant internal oversight.
  • Rapid Deployment and Ongoing Support: Require a fast setup and ongoing expert support to maintain optimal integration performance. AxeRoy prioritizes quick implementation and provides dedicated assistance to address any integration issues.

Organizations Seeking Peace of Mind

  • Minimized Risk and Errors: Want to ensure integrations are configured accurately and securely to avoid data inconsistencies or downtime. AxeRoy's experienced team minimizes the risk of errors and proactively monitors integrations for optimal functionality.
  • Guaranteed Uptime and Performance: Rely on seamless data flow for critical business processes. AxeRoy guarantees uptime and proactively optimizes integrations for peak performance.
  • Simplified Integration Management: Prefer a hassle-free approach to integration management. AxeRoy handles all aspects of configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance, providing a single point of contact for all your integration needs. 

Comparison of AxeRoy Management Options

AxeRoy Self-Managed
​AxeRoy Fully-Managed ​
Selection Criteria


You have complete control over configuration, scheduling, and maintenance.

AxeRoy experts handle all configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.

Businesses seeking ultimate control and customization.  


Technical Expertise

Requires some technical knowledge for configuration (especially for custom transformations using Python).

No technical expertise required.

Businesses with a mix of technical and non-technical users or limited IT resources.


Integration Complexity

Suitable for both simple and complex integrations, but complex setups may require more internal resources.

Ideal for managing intricate integrations or those requiring ongoing maintenance and optimization.

Businesses dealing with large volumes of data or complex data transformations.


Learning Curve

Requires some familiarization with the user interface and basic integration concepts.  

Minimal learning curve – ideal for non-technical users.  

Organizations prioritizing ease of use and rapid onboarding for new team members.  


Setup Time

May take longer to set up as you configure integrations yourself. 

Faster setup as AxeRoy experts handle the configuration.

Businesses prioritizing rapid deployment and integration speed.  



Complies with relevant Security and International governance regulations.

AxeRoy implements robust security measures and ensures ongoing compliance with data governance regulations.

Complies with relevant Security and International governance regulations.

AxeRoy implements robust security measures and ensures ongoing compliance with data governance regulations.

Organizations with strict security requirements or limited internal security expertise.



Optimized for data transfer and processing.

Optimized for data transfer and processing.

Same connector optimization and both  dependent on the performance of the external systems being integrated.


Pre-built Connectors

Limited to out-of-the-box features and configuration provided by the interface.

Full access to all functionalities offered by the pre-built connectors, including advanced features and optimization capability.

Businesses seeking a quick start with basic or essential data exchange capabilities.



Limited customization options. Basic configuration and support of Python snippets for advanced transformations.

Higher Level of Customization: AxeRoy can customize integrations to meet your specific needs, including complex transformations and custom workflows.

Businesses requiring extensive data manipulation, unique integrations, or ongoing optimization.



Scales to accommodate growing data needs. You can add new integrations or modify existing ones.

Ultimate scalability due to a higher level of customization capability. Scales seamlessly with your business. AxeRoy can handle increasing data volumes and complexity, and can add new integrations or modify existing ones.

Organizations anticipating significant data growth or complex integration needs.


Field Mapping

Standard and Custom fields. 

 Standard and Custom fields. 


Error Handling & Troubleshooting

Requires your team to troubleshoot and resolve integration errors.

AxeRoy proactively monitors integrations and provides dedicated support to address any issues promptly.

Businesses seeking to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted data flow.


Reporting & Analytics

Accessible through AxeRoy Interface: Error logs, Operation Logs, and Task Run Logs.

AxeRoy relies on comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboards to maintain high integration performance and security.

Organizations seeking data-driven insights to optimize their integration strategy.


Ongoing Management

Requires your team to manage integrations and troubleshoot any issues.

AxeRoy proactively monitors and maintains your integrations.

Organizations seeking a hassle-free, fully managed solution.



Support available for troubleshooting and general inquiries.

Dedicated support team to address any integration issues.

Businesses requiring ongoing expert support and guaranteed performance. 


Plan Conversion

You can convert from AxeRoy Self-Managed to AxeRoy Fully-Managed. 

You cannot convert from AxeRoy Fully-Managed to AxeRoy Self-Managed.  




Typically cost effective, or is it?

Integration Setup

  • Limited Expertise: If your IT team lacks experience with integration platforms, there's a learning curve associated with self-managed solutions. This can lead to inefficiencies and delays during setup and troubleshooting, impacting project timelines and costs.
  • Internal IT Resources: While you save on AxeRoy's management fees, you'll need to allocate internal IT staff time for configuration, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. This can be significant for complex integrations or if your IT team lacks experience with integration platforms.
  • Improper Configuration: Mistakes during self-configuration can lead to data errors, inconsistencies, and downtime. Fixing these issues requires additional IT time and potentially data recovery efforts, increasing overall costs.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Self-managed integrations require ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This includes addressing errors, adapting to changes in APIs, and updating configurations as your business needs evolve. This can be a significant time commitment for your IT team.

Typically more costly, or is it?

  • AxeRoy Expertise: AxeRoy's experienced team efficiently configures, tests, and deploys integrations, minimizing errors and ensuring smooth data flow from the start. This reduces the need for your internal IT involvement and saves time for your team.
  • Reduced Risk: AxeRoy's expertise helps mitigate the risk of data inconsistencies and downtime that can be costly otherwise. They proactively monitor integrations and address issues promptly, minimizing disruption.
  • Faster Time to Value: With AxeRoy handling the setup and ongoing management, your integrations are up and running faster, allowing you to realize the benefits of data flow optimization sooner and improve your ROI.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: AxeRoy's managed services scale with your business needs. They can handle complex integrations and ongoing maintenance, freeing up your IT team to focus on core business initiatives.

The cost difference between Self-Managed and Fully-Managed Integrations goes beyond the upfront service fees. Consider the potential hidden costs of managing integrations internally and the value AxeRoy's expertise brings to ensure efficiency, minimize risks, and achieve a faster time to value for your business.


For complete control,

choose Self-Managed Integrations. This option empowers your team to tailor data flows to your specific needs.  

For a fast, hassle-free experience,

choose Fully-Managed Integrations. AxeRoy experts will handle everything, freeing up your internal resources for core business activities.

Still unclear or undecided on which AxeRoy option is best for you? We can help you determine the best solution for your business.