AxeRoy Self-Managed

Self-Managed Integrations

Alongside AxeRoy Fully-Managed integrations, AxeRoy also offers a powerful option for businesses seeking more control over their integrations: AxeRoy Self-Managed

No-code configuration, or is it? Well, yes and no, because you can configure and run your integrations entirely without code by just using the options available on the user interface. However, for those customers wanted more control, such as defining custom transformations, AxeRoy boasts a code capability using Python.

Manage your integrations


Our self-service portal allows you to leverage our pre-built connectors, designed for seamless integration with popular platforms like Salesforce, Workday, Concur, Autotask, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more. 

Through a user-friendly web interface, your team can:

  • Configure your Integrations: Use the pre-built workflows and configure the connector (systems credentials, schedules, systems values correlations, etc.) using simple options on the user interface.

  • Test and Run the synchronizations: Ensure your integrations function flawlessly with built-in testing tools before deployment.

  • Maintain Integrations: Keep your data connections running smoothly with ongoing management options.

Benefits of AxeRoy Self-Managed

    Empowerment and Control:

    • Increased Agility: Take control of your integration parameters and make changes on your own schedule, adapting data flows to meet your evolving business needs.
    • Simplified Management: Maintain integrations through a user-friendly web interface, freeing up your IT team for more strategic initiatives.
    • Granular Control: Enjoy complete control over configuration, scheduling, and maintenance, ensuring your integrations align perfectly with your unique business processes.

    Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency:

    • Reduced Costs: Manage integrations internally and minimize overall project expenses.
    • Scalability for Growth: The self-managed solution scales with your business needs. Easily add new integrations or modify existing ones as your data landscape expands.
    • Improved Efficiency: Streamline workflows and eliminate delays associated with relying on external resources for integration management.

    Technical Flexibility and User-Friendliness:

    • No-Code Configuration: Get started quickly and easily with our intuitive interface, no coding experience required for basic configurations.
    • Optional Coding Power: For advanced users, leverage Python coding capabilities to create custom transformations for deeper data manipulation and control.
    • Increased Visibility: Monitor the health and performance of your integrations in real-time, allowing for proactive troubleshooting and ensuring optimal data flow.

    Remember: AxeRoy also offers Fully-Managed Integrations for a completely hands-off approach. Choose the solution that best suits your business needs and technical expertise!

Ancillary Services

AxeRoy provides Services to enhance and support of AxeRoy Self-Managed and AxeRoy Fully-Managed integrations

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Data Backup

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