Service Level Agreement



(“Hosting Services”) Integration Hosting Services to maintain and support customer enterprise Integrations.

(“Hosted Solution”) Customer enterprise integration solutions.

(“Infrastructure”) AxeRoy hardware and software platform used to provide Hosting Services and Hosted Solutions.



AxeRoy provides its customers secured Hosting Services for Enterprise Integrations and Data Storage also referred to as “Hosted Solutions”. Both the Hosting Services and Hosted Solutions are available on a Subscription basis, payable monthly or annually starting 30 days following the effective date of the Agreement or on the go live date, whichever comes first. Hosting Services & Solutions are fully managed by AxeRoy authorized personnel, and are powered by AxeRoy’s secured infrastructure stack over Amazon AWS, for both the transport and optional storage of data.

AxeRoy Integration solutions provide companies the ability to integrate 2 or more systems in the Cloud or On-premise, behind a Firewall. The solutions can be implemented to integrate systems nationally or internationally.

AxeRoy Integration Solutions include the availability of pre-built, yet customizable Connectors to help accelerate Integration deployments.


AxeRoy complies directly, and by proxy through Amazon AWS, to various standards.     

GDPR Compliance  : AxeRoy Services comply with all applicable data protection or privacy legislation, including regulations.   


AxeRoy will provide the Service at an expected 99.5% uptime, outside of Scheduled Maintenance and Emergencies. Scheduled Maintenance is performed weekly, on Friday after 6pm Pacific Time. AxeRoy infrastructure and processes ensure high service uptime, however, if a lower uptime is experienced by a Customer, AxeRoy can issue a Credit to the Customer based on the following: 10% Credit from the Hosted Services Fees for every 1% decrease in uptime per month. Total Credit cannot exceed 100% of Hosted Services Fees.  Service Availability and history can be monitored at 

Exceptions: Credits will not be issued for any reason outside AxeRoy’s control, including:

a.       Acts of God, fire, flood, natural events, interruption of third-party services, and the like.

b.      Infrastructure and emergency maintenance.

c.       Customer misuse or system updates or customizations that would affect the running or stability of the Hosted Solution.

d.      Customer breach of AxeRoy’s Subscription Agreement.

e.      Any other reasons not stated under this SLA.

Credit Requests:  To be eligible for a Credit, Customer must submit a “Credit Request” to within 10 business days from the date Customer experienced the lower uptime. The Credit Request must include the date, time, and systems affected by the lower uptime.  AxeRoy will issue the appropriate credit within 30 days upon confirmation of the lower uptime.

In case of failure to provide any services to Customer, AxeRoy’s only obligation is to issue a credit on Hosted Services Fees for that particular month or at AxeRoy’s discretion to provide the expected service.



STANDARD SUPPORT - Resolution < 30 Minutes

(Support Tickets covered under the Managed Services)

  • Basic Cases: Examples include technical infrastructure issues or connectivity issues with a Hosted Solution and billing and technical questions. Unlimited number of Basic Cases are covered by the Subscription.
  • Advanced Cases: Those cases are more complex in nature and can typically be resolved under 30 minutes  -  Examples: Credentials resets and connectivity issues due to Company’s changes, functional questions. Ten (10) Advanced Cases per year are covered by the Subscription.

PREMIUM SUPPORT - Resolution > 30 Minutes

(Support Tickets not covered under the Managed Services. Billable on a T&M basis.)

  • Cases that that require more than 30 minutes to be resolved. Time estimates are provided to customers but  the determination of time and cost of Premium cases cannot always be determined ahead of time due to their complexity and outcomes -  Premium Support Examples: Requests for add-on functionality or functionality updates, troubleshooting complex custom solutions that have already been signed-off.


Support Requests priority is handled based on the nature and importance of the Support Request (“Case”).

  • HIGH Prio​rity: Level 1 Support will commence work on resolving the Case.  If the Case cannot be resolved by Level 1 Support, the Case will be escalated to Level 2 Support. High Priority Cases are handled within 8 hours of notification (excluding non-business hours).
  • MEDIUM Prio​rity: Level 1 Support will commence work on resolving the Case.  If the Case cannot be resolved by Level 1 Support, the Case will be escalated to Level 2 Support. Medium Priority Cases are handled within 24 hours of notification (excluding non-business hours).
  • Low Prio​rity: Level 1 Support will commence work on resolving the Case.  If the Case cannot be resolved by Level 1 Support, the Case will be escalated to Level 2 Support. Low Priority Cases are handled within 48 hours of notification (excluding non-business hours).
  • Top Priority Cases (within 4 hour) can also be handled. Those Cases are handled by our Level 1 and Level 2 Support Specialists on a Time & Materials basis. Hourly rates reflect standard current Services Fees.


From our Website Support Page

Tickets can be submitted 24×7 from our Customer Support Request page at Each Case will be limited to the handling of a single, specific matter.  AxeRoy reserves the right to request Customer to submit additional Support Requests to address each specific matter.

NOTE:   To improve quality and response time, we do not process support requests submitted via email.



At its discretion, AxeRoy may perform amendments to its SLA and Services Description. For any other Terms, please refer to your AxeRoy Agreement.