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Dentsu International (DNTUY)

Dentsu International is a multinational media and digital marketing communications company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese advertising and public relations firm Dentsu.

Number of employees: 64,832 (2021)
Revenue: 7.817 billion USD (2018)

Campbell Soup Company (CPB)

Campbell Soup Company, doing business as Campbell's, is an American processed food and snack company.

Number of employees: 19,000 (2020)
Revenue: 8.691 billion USD (2020)

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. (ALGM)

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets sensor integrated circuits (ICs) and application-specific analog power ICs for motion control and energy-efficient systems.

Number of employees: 3,874 (2021)
Revenue: 186.63 million USD (2021)

Freidman Corporation

Friedman offers industry-specific applications for the complex, high-volume, make-to order manufacturer, specifically for the window, door, cabinet and furniture industries.

Number of employees: 257 (2021)
Revenue: 55.50 million USD (2020)

Cadre Technologies, Inc.

Cadre Technologies is an industry leading innovator of warehouse management systems software for distribution, manufacturing, and 3PL, 4PL logistics operations and online collaboration. 

Number of employees: 55 (2021)
Revenue: 9.82 million USD (2021)

Argos Software

Argos Software offers an ERP software for small-to-medium companies and specific to agri-business, third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses, the trucking and transportation industry, and others.


We help you solve your critical systems integration challenges.

AxeRoy offers several connectors with pre-built functionality to integrate two or more systems. Every connector is fully customizable to support any of our customer's requirements. Our solutions are also fully scalable to address any changes our customers may experience, being growth or changing their systems.

Systems integrations solutions should be more than just transporting your data from one system to the other based on just data mapping, AxeRoy Integration solutions go beyond data mapping. We provide you valuable, easy-to-use, 24/7 access to functionality that is focused on the quality, timing, reporting, and analysis of your data, and you don't need to be a technical guru or data expert to use them. 

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Customers scale-up their integrations


Customer retention rate


Service uptime

We fully manage your integrations, but you're always in control


We work hard to earn your Trust

Customers are our #1 Priority

Our Customers are our #1 priority, and this is why we thrive to maintain the TRUST we earned since day one.  It is our Prime Directive to constantly demonstrate Credibility, Reliability, and Value in both our people and technology, and advance our Offerings to better serve our customers so they can achieve greater results.

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We meet your needs

Our connectors are designed for simple to complex integrations. They come pre-configured with standard integration capability and are fully customizable to your specific requirements.

Our implementation approach is to balance your time with realistic milestones, and ensure successful project delivery within budget.

We have an easy onboarding

Our simple approach to customer onboarding ensures a smooth and timely process to get you started. We believe that our customers should rip the benefits of their integrations sooner rather than later.
The net is, it's easy to do business with us.

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The risk is low, and we share it with you

Our connectors already have pre-built functionality that has been tried and tested.
Our solutions are built and maintained by highly qualified resources across various technologies and industry verticals.  We do not offer long-term contracts so that our customers have the freedom to cancel their service at any time.


We always do our best to provide accurate estimates, and you always know when, where, and how much we work on your integrations.

You have 24/7 access to your project portal and self-service portal.

You always know when your integration is running and stops, and have detailed notifications telling you what happens at the record level.

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We are always there to assist you

From the time we start your project we are always there to assist you or answer your questions. You have 24hr access to your project portal and self-service portal, and we provide easy access to support documentation and personnel. 

We offer more value per dollar spent

AxeRoy’s integration solutions don’t just carry your data from one system to another, they have added-value functionality which most didn’t know existed or needed before. In fact, 100% of our customers use those added-value functionality on a daily basis to save time and improve their data.

Most of our added-value functionality is already part of our standard solutions so they don't come at an extra cost to you.

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The more you use it, the more benefit you get

Compared to traditional integrations, the more your AxeRoy integration runs, the greater your data integrity gets, the more valuable your data becomes for your users and company as a whole.


There are reasons why companies want to do business with us

  1. We are easy to do business with,
  2. We believe that every day is an opportunity to earn your trust, and our long-standing relationship with our customers is a testimony of that dedication to continuously earn it.
  3. We respect our customers, their values, and objectives,
  4. We offer low-risk services,
  5. Our solutions can suit their most simple or demanding business requirements,
  6. They can rely on their integrations to always run and perform as expected,
  7. They get true visibility and resolution on their data integrity,
  8. They discover new ways to improve their business processes,
  9. They get a 1-stop-shop managed service to handle 100% of their integration needs, including setup, configuration, customization, hosting, maintenance, enhancement, support, and security.
  10. We are always there to answer questions and requests, and to help: They can contact us on different channels including phone, email, or live chat.

Our products and services are well suited for companies that: 

  1. Require integrations between their systems but don't have the internal resources to build and maintain those integrations, OR
  2. Have the resources but are looking for tried, tested, and scalable integration solutions.

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