Autotask+Salesforce CRM & Support

The Only Official CRM & Support Integration Solution

Complete and Reliable

Fully Automated, pre-packaged connector to synchronize your Autotask and Salesforce apps. Keep your data consistent and up-to-date.

With Pre-built functionality we shorten the time from provisioning to production while reducing your risks and costs. Faster deployments also means earlier benefits, cost savings, to ultimately better ROI.


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Supported Editions




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Supported Editions

  Professional (Sales Cloud/Service Cloud)

  Enterprise (Sales Cloud/Service Cloud)

  Unlimited (Sales Cloud/Service Cloud)

  Any other Salesforce products including:

  • Analytics Cloud,

  • Marketing Cloud,

  • Pardot,

  • Financial Services Cloud,

  • Commerce Cloud,

  • Salesforce DMP


Your integration solutions are setup by our Professional Services, while our Managed Services maintain and support them.

Integration Setup

Pre-built Functionality

Contact us for a Quote

    • Connector Provisioning and Connectivity Setup
    • Field Mapping and Transformation review
    • Data Integrity Diagnostics & Alignments
    • User Acceptance Tests & Deployment to Production

    Optional Custom Integration

    Based on your Requirements

    Contact us for a Quote based on your specific requirements

    • Integration enhancements
    • Integration to additional systems
    • Self-Service Portal and Add-ons
    • Any other Offerings

    Monthly Subscription

    Fully Managed Package starting at

    $ 250.00

    / month
    • Integration hosting and Security
    • Monitoring, Optimization
    • Maintenance, Support
    • Notifications








    ...Fully Customizable

    The Pre-built functionality can be enhanced to integrate additional objects and other systems/applications.


    Connector Purposes
    Synchronize your Account, Contact, and other data between Autotask and Salesforce.
    Provide an automated and reliable solution to sync your data when you need it most
    Centralized and Unified Integration Orchestration
    Using Cloud Integration infrastructure.
    Multipoint Integration Capability
    Data from other systems can be queried to complete or enhance your integration requirements.
    Integration Logic
    Data Mapping (Standard and Custom fields), Data Transformations, Concatenations, Correlations, Exclusions, Overrides, Conditions, Filters, Workflows
    Web Services/API
    Synchronization Triggers
    Defined Schedules. Can be manually overridden from our Self-service Portal
    International Considerations

    - Currency (Customizable)

    - Legal Compliance (GDPR)

    - Standard Compliance

    - Geo-based Provisioning and Operations

    Privacy & Security

    Use of Private Clouds and State-of-the-art Data Encryption (Audited by Independent Security Firm)

    Fully Managed

    Provisioning, maintenance, monitoring, and support of the entire systems infrastructure.
    Benefit-Cost Ratio

     Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


    Commercial Applications

    AxeRoy builds Salesforce Applications to enhance the Salesforce functionality and facilitate its Integration with other applications and services.

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    Business & Technical Consulting

    As a Salesforce certified consulting partner, AxeRoy  provides expert services in both the development of Salesforce functionality and Systems Integrations.

    Autotask Integrations Partner

    SMBs and Enterprise Customers alike are able to leverage AxeRoy's Integration Connectors and Hubs to keep 2 or more of their systems synchronized.